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Berlin photo series - TV Tower and around Alexanderplatz

Morning on Alexanderplatz - photo cult berlin
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Morning on Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Photo gallery of the Berlin TV-Tower and the area around the Alexanderplatz

On Alexanderplatz with the World Time Clock and the Park Inn Alexanderplatz with the World Time Clock at night Alexanderplatz and TV-Tower Alexanderplatz and illuminated TV-Tower at night At Alexanderplatz station Spring at Alexanderplatz Currywurst seller on Alexanderplatz Park Inn  and blue TV tower at night Neptune fountain and TV-Tower Marienkirche and green TV-Tower Morning on Alexanderplatz Alexanderplatz in direction Red City Hall

Further photos will follow! Find more photographic impressions on our 'art place berlin' facebook site. We love Berlin!